Friday, January 9, 2015

Inspire Me: Color

I'm a colorful person. I don't shy from color in everyday life or my designs. I have plans to do more dyeing in the spring so I've been doing a little bit of study on color theory. To keep things fun, I spent some time scrolling through color palettes on Pinterest this week. Here's a few of my favorites. 

Nature Color Board
Color Board
I also have a love for nature (which you could probably guess). There are so many unique color combinations in nature. I often find myself staring out a window and imaging a beautiful yarn or braid of fiber dyed in those colors. Sometimes I envision a lacey shawl with the ebb and flow of those colors in an interesting motif.  I'm very blessed to live in such a beautiful area. Many people vacation in this valley to enjoy the view of the mountains.  I hope to share a few of my own photos in the coming months.


  1. I LOVE the color of that parrot. If it faded into the purple color of the flower to left of it, just <3. Just gorgeous!


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