Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Inspire Me: Celtic Cables

Here's a screenshot I took from one of my latest Google searches. 
I've been focusing a lot of time learning about these beautiful intricate looking celtic cables, sometimes called knotwork.  Its been quite the math lesson to learn how to design the perfect cable.  Last week I was reading articles from a mathematician and this week I've been focused on geometry and how that applies to the symmetry I so love in my designs. It is positively hilarious that I used to hate math. In high school math made me miserable. Now I know its because I didn't fully grasp how those concepts could apply to a real life situation.  I'll be honest, sometimes math still baffles me.  I do have to take a few breaks between my studies just to let my brain rest.  Every time I have a "breakthrough ah" moment, I say a quick mental thank you to all the math teachers I've had over the years. (Ms. English would be so proud.)

Isn't it strange how easy it is to discredit something that's super challenging in the moment? More often than not, we just focus on the difficulty and not what future rewards it might bring. Tonight I'm thankful for all those difficult days and nights studying mathematical concepts and what seemed like endless hours of completing problems that surely no one would ever need to use again.  Now all the hours I put into figuring out a problem end in the joy of finishing my knitting. Challenges can indeed bring joy in the end.

A Housekeeping Note: I'll making a few changes to the blog.  Inspire Me posts will now be made twice a month instead of weekly. 

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