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A little more about me...                                          

Hi, I'm Melody. Hello again. You may remember me from a past blog, Transitions of an Overachiever, or this may be our first meeting. With either case, sit back for a few and let me reintroduce myself and tell you a bit about this new blog.

I'm no stranger to barring my heart, soul and creative ideas on the internet. I began journaling online long before the days of Facebook and quickly formed some lasting relationships with a small group of women. Life has evolved in so many ways since those humble beginnings but writing online seems to be the one thing that always draws me back.

This blog is first and foremost for me. I want to write about things that I'm passionate for, thoughts that stir me from the mundane, and document life as I know it. I love the community a blog brings and I welcome that. This will be a way to share me, in all my quirky forms.

I'm a person who finds delight in many different things. I enjoy interacting with all sorts of people. I take comfort in the variety and diversity of others. People inspire me. Art and nature color my life. Music moves my very soul. My faith in God empowers me. Working with my hands drives me. Love and family make life worth living.

So won't you join me as I document my life? I'm currently a work at home Mom and wife of 15 years to my high school sweetheart. I spend most of my days chasing around the miracle we waited 12 years for. He is full of energy, joy and love; the typical 1 year old toddler. In my downtime, I'm a knitwear designer and a wannabe homesteader. Here you'll find a whole lot of fiber; knitting, spinning, and designing; and a little bit of crunch; natural living, cooking, gardening and some diy home. I'll also be throwing in family posts, things that inspire me and the occasional devotion (or archived posts).

Welcome to Fiber With A Little Crunch!

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