Monday, December 1, 2014

Blogging : Why?

(Premier Week - I'll be featuring a series of About Me posts in addition to my regular weekly and monthly posts. These will later be found together under the Contact/About Me tab.)

When I began to think about blogging again on a regular basis I posted several informal polls to my Facebook friends. One comment from an old friend prompted a lot of thought. Why did I care so much about blogging again? What changed that made my interest in writing suddenly reemerged?

When I really took the time to think about it, I found that my main desire is to keep memories alive. I have the ability to remember many things. For instance, I still remember a good portion of the call codes from my days of working a hospital switch board at age 15. I remember the placements of things hung on classroom walls from various rooms in elementary school through college. I can recall account numbers from my days working in state budgeting and accounting. Memories of color, drawings, and smells often drift in and out. However, I lack the ability to recall many of the things most important to me, like specific memories of family, friends in school, unique days in life, etc. I remember general things but the specifics always slip away in time.

My desire is to have a tangible form of memories. Throughout my life, journalling has proven to be a way of not only documenting life, but also sparking my ability to recall events when I desire to do so. A pen and paper or fingers and keys have always been a great personal asset to better my life.

I suposse it was only natural that I should make my living and be most content by using my hands and my mind together.

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