Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Inspire Me : Goodbye Fear

[I'll be posting an Inspire Me post weekly (for now on Tuesday). These will be anything that was particularly inspiring to me at that time. I've set up a few new Pinterest boards to store away sources of inspiration. I may link to those from time to time.]

This week I bring to you a quote by Joseph Chilton Pearce. (Graphic from me...courtesy of my Christmas tree)

My biggest struggle in life and creativity has been the fear of being wrong. I've pushed myself and been miserable trying to avoid failure at all costs. Through the years though, I've learned that living with this kind of fear isn't living at all. If knitting has taught me one thing, it is that being wrong is ok. Afterall, its only yarn and some needles. Pull those needles out, tug the end of the yarn, and suddenly all those tiny loops fall free to leave a pile of yarn waiting to be balled up again . The error is gone and you are presented with a opportunity to try again or make something completely new. The creative life presents so many ways to stretch yourself and learn. Goodbye fear, I no longer need you.

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