Thursday, December 18, 2014

Inspire Me - Brokenness

A few months ago an article came across my Feedly feed that featured relection photographs of broken mirrors. The images stirred me and I saved the article away to use as a future design reference. I saw such beauty in those broken shards of glass.

In my lifetime, I've experienced many times of intense brokenness. I identify well with the mental, emotional and physical roller coaster ride that brokenness brings. The thing I find most amazing about brokenness is there is still beauty found right in the mess of it. I often find myself looking for that beauty. Pushing through all the layers to discover that one special gem inside. Countless times I've been inspired and moved to tears by reading someone's story. Most of the time, I never relay those feelings to them, but always say a word of prayer and thanks to God for that brokenness.

Broken pieces make beautiful masterpieces.
Broken Mirror by Bing Wright

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