Thursday, December 4, 2014

Melody - Fiber Artist

As a child, I explored many different crafting and creative avenues. Much of my sewing skills can be attributed to my mother, who taught me to love and respect the relationship of fabric and thread. She dabbled a little bit with yarn as well. As a teen, I began painting and making unconventional things into something new and purposeful. A few years ago, I began the love affair with all things yarn. I taught myself to knit and the rest...well the rest is my next adventure.

A large part of this blog will focus on my life as a fiber artist. You may ask, what is a fiber artist? Basically a fiber artist is someone who uses fiber as their medium; fleece, yarn, fabric, thread, etc.
Wearing a cowl I designed and knit from my handspun
I enjoy spinning clean fleece/roving into yarn, knitting yarn into a garment and transforming a flat piece of fabric into something wearable with shape. Occasionally I find myself dyeing yarn with some unique color combo that goes along with one of my designs. Designing custom clothing and new knitting patterns for others to enjoy are my latest passions. My patterns will be available to purchase in 2015.

I'll be sharing my latest knitting, spinning and design projects with you throughout the month, along with a few tutorials and techniques posts. You can find all of those linked at the top of the page. In addition, I'll post dates and information on how you can purchase any of my designs and any shows/local sales.

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