Saturday, December 6, 2014

Melody - Natural Living Momma

I'm a very passionate person in general and mothering is no exception. I take my role as Momma and wife seriously. Long before I became a mother, I knew that attachment parenting was for us. I'm a breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping, and cloth diapering Momma. We practice baby led weaning and gentle discipline. I'm also an advocate for car seat safety and extended rear facing. You'll see these topics in further detail throughout the blog, not in a specific section or regular post at the present time.

Having a handmade home is another great passion of mine. We strive to have an all natural diet, filled with real foods and scratch made meals. Occasionally I'll share tips and recipes that we love. Growing our own foods brings great satisfaction. I'll be sharing about gardening in the spring and summer.

We also have lots of DIY projects around our home. Currently we're doing some home renovations. I'll be sharing those along with my own survival tips for living in a small home. We strive to make do with what we have and approach life in a frugal manner.

Lastly, we cut chemical cleaners, including skincare products from our lives. I'll be sharing my tips and share our journey to eliminating those from our every day. In line with my handmade home philosophy, we keep our use of disposable products to a bare minimum, which saves us a lot of money.

Its my dream to be a homesteader with a small flock of sheep and other livestock. We'd have the grandparents nearby and be able to care for them as well. I call myself a wannabe homesteader.

You've probably already figured this is going to be the 'crunch' section of the blog. There will be a monthly DIY Home and Natural Living post.

(One last post in the About Me series. I'll be talking about faith next.)

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