Monday, December 8, 2014

Ready for a Healthy Dose of Honesty?

I hope you got to know me a little better during premiere week. It felt very strange to talk about myself that much. However, I wanted to basically highlight all the different parts of myself and how I plan to share that here on the blog.

So now for today...are you ready for a healthy dose of honesty? I started my Christmas gift knitting yesterday. Yes, on December 7th, I began knitting gifts that are supposed to be finished, wrapped and delivered on December 25th. Oi, I'm very behind this year. I have been planning for months. On my calendar it stated that my Christmas knitting was to begin in September. I'm not exactly sure how I got so behind, but here I am in the second week of December without any finished Christmas gifts.

Realistically I will have to downsize my list. I know this, yet I also know that I'll push myself to the very last second in an attempt to finish every project.

So what's on that list? On my needles there's a cotton reuseable Swifter cover. I have yarn pulled from my stash for socks, slippers, a few hats, and several dishcloth sets. There's also a box full of felting fleece set to become dryer balls and covered soaps. This was my previously downsized gift list.

In my design bag, I have the ribbing of a hat for my husband. (In all my years of knitting I've never made him a hat.) Plus swatches and sketches for a toddler sweater design for a friend's daughter.

Needless to say, I have plenty of knitting to fill my down moments. I suppose only time will tell how much I actually finish before Christmas. Anyone in the same procrastination boat as me?

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